Product Description & Specification

Product id : MIS-PPE


This personal protection Equipment (PPE) Response kit was developed
to provide basic personal protection against a wide range of potentially
hazardous ,microorganisms. it offers basic protection for workes involved
with response or cleanup activities and providers. limited protection from
biological exposures in natural disasters. Imported from USA.
- Clean-up sites exposed to influenze virus
- Meets World Health Organization (WHO) Protocol


Kit contents :
- 1 Dupont Tyvek Suit
- 2 N-95 Particulate Respirator
- 1 Goggle
- 1 Latex Boots
- 2 Medical Grade Gloves
- 10 Antiseptic Wipes
- 2 Biohazard Waste Bags and Ties
- 1 pack Germical Wipes

Product Price

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